Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fusion Energy and its Implications-My First Post!

Fusion Energy is the reason why the sun seems to have an almost unlimited amount of energy.

The Sun., due to its weight compresses the hydrogen atoms in the Suns core to helium and then to carbon.This releases a huge amount of energy in the form of heat and light.The temperature in the Suns core can reach up to 23 million degrees Celsius.

Can we make a nuclear fusion reactor on Earth?

According to scientists., Yes!

We can make it of 2 types: inertial confinement and magnetic confinement reactors.

In magnetic confinement there are electromagnets which are cooled by liquid hydrogen and in the chamber plasma is circulated throughout the whole chamber and fuses to form several heavier particles. This also creates one of the largest temperature differences in the universe,as the electromagnets due to the liquid hydrogen

In Inertial confinement there are lasers which break fuel which immediately fuse.In both cases there is practically no waste and it can run virtually forever.The only problem is the cost which can go up to hundreds of billions of dollars!But is it worth it for limitless free energy forever?

In certain stars such as red dwarfs this fusion can go on for trillions of years.We don't know the reason why the fusion is so efficient in red dwarfs but we do know that every red dwarf in existence is practically a baby.Scientists are researching on how does the red dwarf have such efficient fusion to replicate in a fusion reactor.

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