Tuesday, February 28, 2017

World War 2-Part 1

The starting to WWII is quite controversial.You could make the argument that it actually started in 1931,when the Japanese invaded Manchuria,a province in China,OR that it started when Hitler and the Nazi party came to power.I am going to be using 1939 as my kick-off point.It started with the German invasion of Poland.The countries of Great Britain and France had been following "appeasement", which was a strategy aimed at letting the Nazi party doing whatever they liked as they wanted to avert another great worldwide conflagaration.The Nazi's annexed Poland and that resulted in Britain and France declaring war on Germany.The Germans had a new strategy called blitzkreig or "lightning war" in German.This involves extreme speed and quickly overwhelming the opponent's forces is the key strategy in this kind of war.The reason why Germany wanted Poland is because of its vast natural resources,particularly nickel.Also under the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact the Soviets gave Germans unlimited access to their vast oil reserves in Siberia.The Germans also annexed France and due to German paranoia of Soviet refusal for access to oilfields.

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