Sunday, January 22, 2017


TimeRiders is a sci-fi novel series for young adults.It follows the premise that in the near future time travel will become reality(2044 to be exact),created by the enigmatic billionaire scientist Roald Waldstein,who created the TimeRiders agency with Dr Joseph Oliviera and Dr Griggs,in order to prevent time travellers from a modern age trying to alter history from the strip-mined,ecologically ruined planet called Earth.The three main protagonists are : Liam O'Connor who was recruited to the agency in 1912,after following him nearly being in the disaster of the Titanic,Madeleine 'Maddy' Carter recruited in 2010 in a plane crash and finally Saleena 'Sal' Vikram who was saved from a fire in a building in 2026.The books follow the characters going through time to prevent time travel from destroying history.I think it is a good book and the author should continue on.I like the protagonists and the antagonists.It is a very well written book.I give it 5 star.The plot is very nice in the sense that the characters that all amazingly well written.The science behind the novels is pretty solid and make it worth reading for any science fiction enthusiast and like H.G Wells,Alex Scarrow write amazing novels,good plot,strong scientific backing,and above all presents alternate histories in an amazing and immersive way.

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